Fund Raising Made Easy

Sales through “Refer a FriendTM” from anywhere on app or web site.

  • Easy sales made through social media, Facebook, email, text, landing pages, leave behinds
  • Notification tool contacts supporters of events
  • Great contracted deals in the palm of supporters hands pay for app on first few redeems

Prospective customer can view live coupons available in their area before making their decision to purchase.

  • This allows customers to be located any place across the United States and Canada!
  • There are over 10,000 cities involved!
  • There are over 70,000 businesses offering coupons and these numbers are growing!
  • Some select cities have “Golden Egg” offers!

Takes the inventory, sales tracking, compliance and financial responsibility out of the hands of the students, parents, coaches, volunteers and teachers.

  • This eliminates all record-keeping responsibilities
  • The system reports sales by individual seller so that credit can be given to individuals, if needed

This is what makes iBuddyClub Special!

The following exclusive services make this program special:

  1. 100% of In-App Campaigning i.e.“Extra DonationTM and Plus$1TM” Donations go directly to fundraiser.
  2. 50% of Off the Top proceeds go to fundraiser
  3. 50% of renewal proceeds go to fundraiser
  4. TM Compound Giving and Renewal promotes passive, residual and renewal income streams never before offered in the industry
  5. On the 11th month of the subscription every donor/subscriber/supporter is auto emailed to renew. If the owner agrees to renew, the sponsoring organization gets the same 50% of the “Off the Top” fee.

    • This income is generated even if the seller is no longer affiliated to the organization.
    • This builds a base of support that can be increased each year for the organization!

How Do I get Started

Go to http://www.iBuddyClub.com/, click Fundraiser, and complete the agreement.

iBuddyClub will:

  1. Set up fundraiser code, and segregation of funds contract
  2. Assist in the creation of personalized landing page identifying your cause and your organization and or Private Label your App.

Thank You!

Auto “Thank You” messages are sent after purchase of app and redeem and on the secure, discreet and smart coupon the fundraiser name appears Thanking for support:

It’s a Win, Win, Win scenario

  1. Donors Win as they save hundreds and sometimes thousands a year.
  2. Fundraisers Win as they have a program that gives back to supporters and renews
  3. Businesses Win as are deemed community conscious and gather foot traffic for FREE.